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2024-2025 Catalog 
2024-2025 Catalog

2024-2025 Catalog

Welcome to the Coffeyville Community College Online Catalog!

Whether you are interested in attending Coffeyville Community College or have already enrolled, you can easily see the wide array of academic options we have to offer!  Our online Catalog can help you quickly locate and save details about programs that may interest you. Please use this Catalog as a guide, in conjunction with an academic advisor, in planning your course of study and in meeting requirements for graduation.

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• • • Special Note • • •

The content of this Catalog does not constitute a contract between Coffeyville Community College and its students on either a collective or individual basis. It represents our best academic, technical, social, and financial planning at the time the Catalog was published. Course and curriculum changes, modifications of fees and other charges, updates on policies and procedures, plus unforeseen changes in other aspects of our life sometimes occur after the Catalog has been published. Because of this, we do not assume a contractual obligation with students for the contents of this Catalog.